Saturday, June 27, 2009

7 days!!!

And here is my parking concern! uder the house is where the party will be and the yard is all the parking we know of now. P is going to swwet talk one of the neighbors to use some of there land.

Many many more details to share but I am off to meet my florist/wedding coordinator!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's your birthday.....

Not really but this past weekend was our joint bachelor & bachelorette party. Here are a few pics from the night...........

Jill's cookies and brownies
Needless to say it was a hot night as at Palapa's my favorite place was in front of the fan! I really appreciate my girls for throwing it and all the hard work they went thru!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I REALLY want one of these

From this website.

They do these for weddings, babies and are not that bad on price.

We have 21 days to the wedding and 36 til the honeymoon. I got my passport in and it was even spelled correct. After I called them to see why I could not see the info on the web, I was told that it was because I was spelling my name wrong! Wow after all this time of spelling it my way I was wrong!? So they got it corrected before it was mailed out and arrived safe and sound yesterday. We finished up our cruise documents online and bought our plane tickets! Is it sad we are more ready for the honeymoon that the wedding?!!?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wedding bug

So sorry but all post for the next month will be wedding type post. You have your disclosure!

So we are at the 30 day mark and I am making my list and checking it twice:

Venue: check one more payment
Food: check have to call it in on weds before the wedding
Flowers: check Kara with Wild Orchid is on it- love having talented friends
Music: We bought all the equipment and I am working on the playlist tweeting it
Cake: I have ordered my cake and we are ordering whatever for the groom cake next weekend
Decorations: all I have left to buy is 3 packs of lanterns and blue fabric for the table runner
Photos: done and Christa is helping with the photobooth. P and I are making the backdrop
next weekend too
Attire: I have my dress and all altered just needs to be cleaned from bridal photos. P just needs
pants and he is done but he has been lossing weight so he is waiting.

That is where I am. I have 3 craft projects left of doing the favor tins, the back of the program fans, and tying the silverware. Everything else is pretty much done.

I took my Bridal Photos last week and am so excited about them. I have a few I really really like. Now I just have to get my dress cleaned from parading around Gruene. I have to make Dre go get her dress this weekend after the shower.

And yeah my bridal shower is this weekend and I am so excted to see all my family and friends. I can't believe it is all here now! Ok well off to finish wedding list!