Thursday, December 10, 2009

Don"t hate me

So I have seen many people put some of the lyrics on their facebook status. I thought it was a rap song cause, well I am not trendy. So I finally checked out the video and please don't tell anyone but I really kinda sorta like it and will be downloadin it on my zune. Zune which is the unhip mircosoft Ipod. See still not trendy!

I lurve you more than my luggage

So this past weekend I had to mark a xmas gift off my list for my mom. Now I am done shopping but I had to wait till this past weekend and you may ask why but it was for this.
Yep I got to meet her.
And talk to here, more on that later....
So at 6:30 AM my mother text me to tell me that the venue has changed and I need to be there two hours early just to get a ticket to get in line to then get in line to meet PW. ?!?! However will I get to the other side of town seeing as I just woke up at 10:30 (don't judge me I working the night before and it was the last sat I will be sleeping in for a while) So I got dressed in a hurry which is NEVER good for me cause it takes three times longer that normal..
Ok ready to go out the door... where is my cell phone? Not in the bed, not in the bathroom , not in kitchen, living room, etc. Look for phone that was just in hand for 10 mins. Tear bed apart. nope. Tear bathroom apart. nope. Look in bed again. nope. Seriously I had the phone in my hand two minutes ago! Oh look at the foot of the bed under all the covers that I looked in ten times!!!!
Ok out the door, wait no need the cookbook....I put it somewhere I could find it later...GRRRR. Ok finally find cookbook and have EVERYTHING I could need. So i drive to the other side of town and when I get there I see that yes there is alot of people there. ALOT.
So I get in the line for the ticket to get in another line. Ok going good I am cherry. Aw so cute how they named them after flavors instead of colors. (more on this later) So I start walking around to see where I will be at for the next while. It was held at Georgia's Market, which is an all natural, local grown store. They had a buffet and little tea and coffee stands and all and all very neat place to be in for many hours.
So it is now close to 1 which is when P-dub is going to speak so I fine a spot and pullout my new camera to take some pictures.......the camera will not come on. Slight freak out. Text hubby telling him he broke it ;) He tells me I have an extra camera battery try that. Still does not work. OHHHH the battery is in wrong.grrrr. So at this point PW is out and sitting and answering questions and let me tell you for a woman that is all worried about her spanx she is little bitty. She is tall but tiny. And you know how you read something and give the narrator a voice tone? anyone? Well I had a huskier voice from reading the black heels to tractor wheels (which she is publishing She had this sweet little your best friend for years voice.

So she is done speaking and they explain the tickets we got earlier and the color order. So my cute cherry is used only after they have gone thru EVERY color in the world! Blue,red,pink,white,green,black,purple,yellow,petal,lilac,sky blue,vanilla,CHERRY,etc... So yeah I will be here a while!
So I decide to get something to eat from the buffet and find a seat. I ask a couple of very nice ladies that are knitting if anyone is sitting next to them and they reply no so I proceed to sit and stuff my face. While picking the lettuce out of my mouth I see a lady taking pictures out of the side of my eye so I watch her and realize I am somewhat sorta in her shot. So I ask her would you tell me what blog I am about to be on?
Well this is Sweetpea
From here
So we proceed to talk for the next ohhh 6 colors or 3 hours!! She has a super cute blog and super cute lil twin boys. Go check her out Mkay? So we are chating and she is there with her mom and Aunt that don"t quite get why we are here for 3 hours.
We where also talking to this sweet lady that is from here.
From 2009-12-09 PW
named Julie. She does tons of Christmas decorating and has chickens! I learned bunchs about chicks from these two ladies! And as you can see Julie had a color before us. So she got to come back and gloat of meeting Mrs. PDub.
At this point we have been here for about 4 hours and someone is walking around with color cards for "earlier" colors, and one happens to be skyy blue which my new friends Sweetpea and momma are in. And my hubby is texting me to see if me and PW are going to dinner together since I have been there so long! So I have a new color and am wondering how close we are so I go ask. OH after 8 colors we are 2 away. so we chitchat more, I seriously think I told them my WHOLE life story!
So the group before us is getting close to the end so we decide to "station" ourselves around the store because they kept starting the line in different spots. Sweetpea was in the right spot so we are at the front of the line! Sweet!
From 2009-12-09 PW
But still not to PW

Now I had planned to make PW and MM my armadilo eggs but due to I was lazy that morning I did not. But look at all these gifts!!
PW and one of THE cameras she uses for the pics that suck you in and spit you out with now holey yoga pants.

So now the heat is on to have your crafty not the same as everyone else thing ready to say. Ummmm, I'll wing it.

So here is Sweet pea and momma up there
So my turn

M: Hello I bet you are tired
PW: No I love this part getting meet so many people
M: Yes so many people love you blog I wish we could've met MM and the punks!
PW: Oh they had to go home yesterday
M: So how many cities do you have?
PW: oh Atlanta, New York, West Chester, PA, and Tennesse we are going to have so much fun my sister is going with me!
(she is almost done with my books)
M: Well my mother and I love you so please don't turn all Kate Gosslien on us like she did after her book tour, we like you as you are too much
PW: (nervous laughter)

Now here is pics that Sweat pea took while I was jabbering on to poor PW

Poor PW but look I did make her laugh some...maybe?!?!?
So yea to new friend and meeting the only Pioneer Woman!
And I got the nifty pioneer woman exclusive booktour tee too!
Now on my drive home and telling my momma I must lurve her more that my luggage my hubby text me this:
I would not wait in line for five hours to have sex with a playmate!
Aww honey good thing I was only 5 mins from home at this point and I did not ask you to come with me!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New bedding

I LUUURVE my new bedding

Just an FYI

From 2009-12-09 PW

and so does tiggy

From 2009-12-09 PW

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where to begin......

So hi me ago....I know it has been so long. I have been here still stalking other blogs but not saying much. So alot has happened. The next day was Halloween and we had a good night with friends. At the last min we dressed up as Hugh Hefner and a playboy bunny. Then the next weekend P when to the race in fort worth and then to a job interview in Austin. So fingers crossed that his posit. ion starts there in mid dec cause we are moving Dec 12th! We went up this past weekend and looked at apartments and found one we really liked and they had a good deal so we signed a lease! It has only taken a year longer but we are finally moving.

Last weekend was very stressful, it did not start out that way we went out for MPG dirty thirty b-day Friday night. Then we got up early Sat morning and drove to Austin, looked at a couple apartments then got in a wreck, then found the apartment we are renting then went to San Antonio to stay with friends. Oh you are still hung on the wreck?!? Yeah we got rear-ended on 35 while in P new truck ( got it in march but still it is new). We are ok I guess, I am still sore and have a concussion but I gave that to myself on a bunk bed later that night. My hubby should know not to startle me while sleeping but he did and I hit the sense out of my head on the bottom part of the top bunk! So rough weekend with lots of exciting things!

So 2 more weeks of school and time to really start looking for a job in Austin. Next week the family will be coming down for Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncles house. This weekend we are going to P'S parents to celebrate with them. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, October 30, 2009


So again long time no talk. The reason being............nothing really! I have has alot of different little things going on so this will be a long post.

I finished the first part of my classes. I started the second part which is MUCH harder!!!! I have 5 weeks left and I am scare. It is scary to me that I am learning simular to what people go to law school for three years in 14 weeks. How am I suppose to learn all of this and be able to use it?!?

We are getting closer to moving. We have extended our lease for (cross fingers) the last time! We are looking at the week between christmas and new years to move. I am about to paper the city of Austin with my resume and if all else fails I can allows bartend till I find a paralegal postion. I am so excited because with this moe we can really get a good "fresh" start without some of our ghost. Which have been biting me in the butt as I have been having several strange dreams this last week all doing with our ex's and strange situations and questions of if we should have gotten married. Which I do not question but not a good feeling to have a dream about!
Anyone else have strange drems like that?
Next up would be The holidays coming up. We are very excited that my parents will be coming in town for at least Thanksgiving, which my lovely hunny has not had a holiday where he had to drive 250+ miles since he was in college. He might even be able to over eat this year!
I really want to decorate for the fall or xmas but with an impending move over our head I don't forsee getting to use any of our ornaments we got this year. I have spend this past year with P making him get a ornament everywhere we go. So needless to say we have a good collection of "our" memories to put on a tree.
I went to my parents in earlier this month for my baby sisters' b-day and that was an adventure. I let her use my car to get her drivers license then we did so shopping and she weaseled another b-day gift out of me of perfume. We then went and did some grocery shopping and had dinner with my mom and when we came back I pulled in the drive and it felt like I ran over something so I backed up and I could not go anywhere. I got out to see that my passanger wheel assembly was detattched from the car! Apparently when I had all the work from the wreck they subbed out the suspenion work and they did not torque the bolt and it flexed out with pulling in and out of my parents steeper that I normally drive, driveway. So again my car was in the shop. so let add this all up shall we...
Get the car Aug 18th
Engine light comes on and goes in shop Aug 27 for supposely a misfire and it gets a tune up get car out Sept 8th.($540 covered under warrenty)
Sept 9th we evacuate for Ike I leave my car in Nixon for 2 weeks till we have power and go pick it up and the engine light is on again. Goes back in shop on Sept 23rd
Is in shop for 2 months and am told everything under the moon as to why it is taking so long. Ends up getting a new motherboard and two new heads because the did not cailbrate the motherboard right and water got into the heads when they test drove it. ($5300 covered again under warrenty)
June someone hits me at work on the driver side and comes back the next day and leaves thier insurance info. Car in shop to get repaired ($1200 insurance claim)
July 9th get t-boned and have car in shop for 6 weeks and $8900 worth of damage. So add it all up 540+5300+1200+8900 =$15,940 in repairs since I owed this vehicle in ONE year!!!!!! I need to get a new car cause this one has bad juju!
So it added much stress to my trip as I spent the whole day watching them try to get my car out of the driveway and then get a rental car. I have no idea how much the repairs cost on this because they where all covered by the repair shop in Houston. Dani had a good birthday and I was exhuasted but got in the car to drive home to my husband and turn around and get in his car to drive to his family reunion! We had a good time seeing his family and playing card with his parents. I was glad thou to be home Sunday night after being gone all week.
So that is all I can think of for the moment but that is what has been going on with me for the last couple weeks. So I will try to check a little more often. Till next time dear friends!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


So sense we are not where we want to be living and we have minimal room in our apartment and I have the nesting bug I have started by redecorating around here. And by here I mean blog work. Look for a new headline this week too.

So this last week has brought a few changes in my work world. My company was sold 3 weeks ago. The new owners have owned simular businesses in the past but not one exactly like ours. Now there is several of us that have been there for 3-5 years, basically since it was opened. We are a close family. We are all adult and thou this job is not any of our dream jobs we do our jobs very well and have 90% regulars as customers. The new owners said nothing would change but we have realized in the last couple weeks they are very controlling and slightly paroniod. Things we do everyday have been questioned if we are stealing. We do not have product and are told to just tell customers to get something else. Specials are being changed with no warning to the customers. Now I began this job as a hiatus from the real world nearly 4 years ago and have had difficult managers and such over the years but nothing like this. I have never had a time where I did not want to go to work. I do like it and 99% of the people (with regulars there are some you just aren't bbf's with no matter what). But there is a feeling that has come over everyone that is to protect you own behind and find somewhere else to go before we are all replaced. Now the choice of do I ride it out till I am really miserable or just go somewhere else. Since this is not my career choice why is this decision so hard? Cause I do make great money working only three days a week and I like everyone their besides the new owners.

In good news I have been doing really well in my classes and have 2 weeks left, thou the last week is just a wrap up with no test or homework so really one week. Then I have my second session which is seven weeks as well. After that I will be a certified paralegal. Which at that point I will began my hunt for a job in the Austin area. So it adds to my do I want to change jobs three months before I look for ANOTHER job in another city.

Why do I have to be a grown up? I wanna live in Neverland with the Lost boys.....

Friday, September 18, 2009

Where have you been?

So I realized it has been a while since we talked. What have I been up to? Well get ready this is going to be a LOONNNG one! Well since I last left you the next day this happened.....

Yes my pretty car is not so pretty. Someone decided I did not go thru a fourway stop fast enough and I was T-boned. I have been fighting with insurance for the last two months and still have some unresolved issues, but I have my car back, mostly in one piece.

Then a week later we finally left on our honeymoon. That was not without it's own drama but I will leave that for another post in the near future. I promise!
Us happy before leaving Houston and finding out there would be 1200 kids on the boat!

We were gone for 10 days and ready for a vacation the day we got back! Once we landed in the airport we got the news that P did not in fact get the transfer to Austin. Strike 2. They needed someone right away and his branch could not release him for another month. Need less to say we where very dispointed as we feel good a bout the chances of getting this transfer. It was back to work and dealing with car issues. No rest for the weary!

We did make it up to the Austin area to eat at Casino El Camino, as featured on diners, drive-in and dives. I love that show and I now love Casino's salsa verde chili cheese fries. SOOOO GOOD! We then stopped in NB and then made our way to Helotes to see Reckless Kelly. The next day we floated the river with some friends and it was LOW, low, low!

We also visited with P parents and I got to see some of our "stuff". We moved everything out of the storage unit to his parents after the wedding and now have the two back bedrooms packed to the brim. I kept waking in the middle of the night to make sure no boxes or the hide away couch that was on its side were going to fall on our head. Seriously we have some crap! When we get a house I am sure we will have to have a garage sell to get rid of a bunch of stuff we no longer want!

I started school on Aug 19th and after Dec 4th I will be a certified Paralegal. I have been wanting to do this for a while but the timing was not right. So far I am doing good as I just finished week 4 and my first midterm memo. Hopefully with this, a real estate license and a notary public I can find a job in Austin in Dec-Jan!

So our plan now is to stay put thru the end of the year and I finish school and P get his bonus. After that we will be hitting the Austin job market hard! We are both ready for a life change and just have to take it one step at a time. I know god has a plan for us and we can not rush it.

With that I bid you good night and ya"ll come back now ya hear!?!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Here comes the bride!

Here is just a few wedding pics stolen from my friend Amy. I can't wait to see the real deals from Jen. One week and we will be in the Bahamas!!!!!
I have many more post that I will be doing to recap the wedding hoopla. I just need a wedding break. My husband (I love the sound of that) and I will be low key this weekend and playing tourist and going to the battleship of texas and san jacinto monument. HE also would like to get a pedicure!
My other thing I love most of married life is seeing his wedding band. I don"t know what it is about it but every time I see a flash of it I smile.
Till later
Mrs. Kopecki!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy wedding day!

YEAH!!!!!!! Today is my wedding day and I am a little busy, but I thought some of you that have been waiting would like to see a few of my bridals. They turned out FABULOUS!!!!!! Thanks to Pretty Girl Photography, owned by one of my bestie Ms. Christa! I love the name but then again I got to name it! :) Well enjoy your weekend! Next time you see me I will be Mrs. Patrick Kopecki!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen the time is upon us!!!!! I'm getting married tomorrow!!!!!

Stay tuned as this post was pre-scheduled two months out!!!!1

Saturday, June 27, 2009

7 days!!!

And here is my parking concern! uder the house is where the party will be and the yard is all the parking we know of now. P is going to swwet talk one of the neighbors to use some of there land.

Many many more details to share but I am off to meet my florist/wedding coordinator!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's your birthday.....

Not really but this past weekend was our joint bachelor & bachelorette party. Here are a few pics from the night...........

Jill's cookies and brownies
Needless to say it was a hot night as at Palapa's my favorite place was in front of the fan! I really appreciate my girls for throwing it and all the hard work they went thru!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I REALLY want one of these

From this website.

They do these for weddings, babies and are not that bad on price.

We have 21 days to the wedding and 36 til the honeymoon. I got my passport in and it was even spelled correct. After I called them to see why I could not see the info on the web, I was told that it was because I was spelling my name wrong! Wow after all this time of spelling it my way I was wrong!? So they got it corrected before it was mailed out and arrived safe and sound yesterday. We finished up our cruise documents online and bought our plane tickets! Is it sad we are more ready for the honeymoon that the wedding?!!?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wedding bug

So sorry but all post for the next month will be wedding type post. You have your disclosure!

So we are at the 30 day mark and I am making my list and checking it twice:

Venue: check one more payment
Food: check have to call it in on weds before the wedding
Flowers: check Kara with Wild Orchid is on it- love having talented friends
Music: We bought all the equipment and I am working on the playlist tweeting it
Cake: I have ordered my cake and we are ordering whatever for the groom cake next weekend
Decorations: all I have left to buy is 3 packs of lanterns and blue fabric for the table runner
Photos: done and Christa is helping with the photobooth. P and I are making the backdrop
next weekend too
Attire: I have my dress and all altered just needs to be cleaned from bridal photos. P just needs
pants and he is done but he has been lossing weight so he is waiting.

That is where I am. I have 3 craft projects left of doing the favor tins, the back of the program fans, and tying the silverware. Everything else is pretty much done.

I took my Bridal Photos last week and am so excited about them. I have a few I really really like. Now I just have to get my dress cleaned from parading around Gruene. I have to make Dre go get her dress this weekend after the shower.

And yeah my bridal shower is this weekend and I am so excted to see all my family and friends. I can't believe it is all here now! Ok well off to finish wedding list!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have 38 days before the wedding!

I am a ball of nerves. Not of getting married to Patrick but of everything falling into place. The wedding is the last of my concern. I will have several friends that are ordained at the wedding so someone will read the little words off the paper and we will say I do. But where is everyone going to park. How many people are coming to this thing. How long will everyone be there. how much will I have to clean up. Will everyone have a good time. Will our equipment work for the sound. Will the cakes melt in the heat.

Just a few concerns....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Perfectly unperfect

What makes you life perfect.......
  • The perfect outfit: Comfort all the way, jeans and a tee, or a light sundress as we get into summer
  • The perfect meal: good mexican food
  • The perfect hangover cure: Greasy fries.
  • The perfect road trip: I'd love to do a southern USA roadtrip thru LA, GA and FL.
  • The perfect facial feature: Little colored eyes and good teeth, I know soo random.
  • The perfect drink: sweet tea with lemon
  • The perfect song: Wade Bowen Who I Am. This will be Mr. K and I's wedding song
  • The perfect sign of affection: a forehead kiss any the way
  • The perfect afternoon: lazy day with good company and no stress!
  • The perfect vacation: I am ready for Flordia and the Bahamas this summer and Vegas in the fall.
  • The perfect type of wedding: are we talking about mine? Small, outside, close friends and family, good food. Hope all this works this summer
  • The perfect album: Gosh gotta be Rolling Stones 40 licks. Know all the songs
  • The perfect accent: Southern twang
  • The perfect date: he says, "Just be ready, I'll take care of everything."
  • The perfect weather: sunny and 80
  • The perfect party: good friends, food and booze
  • The perfect sport: mmm...the kind where no one gets upset or annoyed if I'm talking during the game
  • The perfect thing to say: "do not worry about being perfect, you are perfect being unperfect"
  • The perfect day of the week: lazy Sundays.

Friday, May 15, 2009

How else does one find love?

So I decided to share to story of how Mr. K and I met. It is not the thing movies are made of but it what my life is.

I had recently moved in with my best friend after realizing my marriage really had failed after pumping as much life into it as any one person could. That was part of the problem, as ONE person could. Now this was after being separated from my ex husband for nearly two years prior before trying to put our marriage on life support one last time for 4 months. I had dated during the previous separation but nothing was going anywhere and I was not up for being a good time girl any more and telling suitors that I did not was anything serious when I oh so much did. I wanted a family and to be with some one forever and not just cause it was convenient. I thought men did not want to hear that. So I knew my pool of males I knew where no good but where should I look?

I had done the friend of a friend.....Sometimes just cause you both are single it should not work out

Meet guys in a bar.....Yeah about that....

Church.....Have you met me.....

So it was on to the next dating dating services! I opted for cause of there cute commercial and promise if you are not matched you would get so many months for free. Now here is the problem, I had no clue what to write about me! This is where said best friend comes in. I had BF write my bio! I did tweak it but most of it was as someone else saw me. I learned there are alot of single and crazy men out there. And there are plenty that want to settle down like yesterday. And clingy, perverted, shallow, the list goes on and on. Well I decided to play the game. If I want something I go after it. I began once a week going thru a list of men that fit some of my ideal match profile (did not wanna be to specific and find myself with someone to close to my ex) and after reading their profiles if everything seems good I would wink at them. Then delete there profile from my list of potential suitors! Why? Cause I did not want to keep checking their profiles and seeing that they looked at my profile and "rejected" me. Some did not help this process cause they would message me "no thanks". But after a couple rounds of this I did talk to some nice sometimes crazy guys. Nothing I would consider going out with or heard in their voice that pushed me to a date with them. My friends told me I needed to actually meet these guys to know if they where not the one but I just knew.

Late one night I went thru my winking ritual and came across pk_kilton and he lived about 10 miles from me and was newly divorced and was very honest about his situation. His bio was long and well thought out and way better that my fabrication by BF bio. There where pics of him from a cruise with obvious cropping but there was something about him. So I winked and deleted him. I know very kindergartner!
The next day I went about my business and was at my office doing reports when I got a new message on match. It was from Kilton_pk. Hi thanks for the wink. If you want to chat my yahoo is kilton_pk. Take care. Wow so romantic! Well I am a sucker so I added him to my yahoo messager and continued about my day. That afternoon my messager blinked that my friend request had been accepted. Ok now the waiting game. He can see I am online but will he say hi. Because of the big ol girl I am, I could not say hi first that would seem desperate. Luckily before I could spend to much time worrying about if he would talk to me I had a chat window pop up.

kilton_pk: Hi there
YES! He contacted me!

Jenden121: Well hello there....
I know so not smooth!

We chatted back and forth for a couple hours that afternoon all while I reread his profile 463 times. He was witty and charming and seemed educated and down to earth and was going thru some inner turmoil not much different that my own. Thou he was the one to end his marriage he did care deeply for this woman that he spent years with. He seemed to be a hard worker and handy around the house. He did want be married and have children but before he had them with the wrong w
oman and feel stuck he opted out. I enjoyed these couple hours so much I did not want to end the conversation but it was now after 5 on a friday so I told him he could call me and gave him my number. He then informed me he did not think it was best if he called me. Heart crushed. I tell it it is fine and I understood he still had alot going on and would talk to him later on IM.

That evening I dissected him with BF and when over every detail of our conversation with her, to which she said just wait and see if we talk on messager again over the weekend. I did not think we would as he mentioned his HS reunion and going to his parents for the weekend.

The next morning I login to my laptop to do a couple things and my messager pops up from kilton_pk

Kilton_pk: I tried going thru the messages from yesterday and i did not save your number can I have it again? Oh and good morning!

Well what has changed over night? After giving him my number and talking for about an hour he promise
s to call once he got out of Houston heading to his parents house. So after taking a shower with the phone on high next to the tub and other craziness an unknown number calls. IT IS HIM! My heart races a little. Gaining my composure I answer and proceed to talk to Kilton_pk for @ 2 hours and think we had a connection and that he was very easy to talk to. I tell him all about my life and what type of ice cream everyone in my family likes, and about my job, and my divorce, my friends. He arrives at his parents and gets off the phone with me. Again there is a connection and I go about my business.

Now during this time I am trying not to build the party girl status that I previously had so I am opting to stay in on a Saturday night. Some what relaxing but slightly boring if there is no one there with you. So playing on my laptop till wee hours of the morning checking my messager t
o see if any one (IE kilton_pk) is online, which he is but on mobile and don"t wanna message him and seem needy cause I know he is with friends and such, when I get an IM from kilton_pk asking if I am up and can he call me. Heart flutter. Sure you can call me! To which he replies he is drunk and is going to take and shower and call in 10 mins. Great.

To anyone that knows me I have received several of the 1 in the morning "I am drunk calls" and they are never good. I regress back to my dad saying there is nothing good going on after 9pm and not need to talk on the phone after that unless you are bleeding or dying. What kinda call is this going to be. The only good thing about this call is he is 180 miles away and can"t ask to come over or me go over there.

So he call
s and does not seem that drunk and we pick up where we left off from the conversation that afternoon and I learn about his family and how his reunion went, and how small his HS was. We talked til @ 4 in the morning. We bid ado and I fell asleep.

The next day, Sunday, I spend with Ms. Pretty Girl and dissected him apart to which she stopped me and tried to bestow all her online dating know it all on me. I had gathered at this point his house was on the market for sell and he had a myspace so I stalked both and showed all evidence to MPG which everything checked out with what he had told me. I even found his ex, that had a blog about the demise of their marriage and thou she was hurt, her post proved he was honest with me about the facts. MPG told me I would have to meet this guy and go on a REAL date with him. Shudder. What if he does not like me?

We spoke again than
evening and talked a little about our weeks. During this time kilton_pk was learning how to text, so I would get text randomly from him over the next couple days. I knew he bowled on Tuesdays and had Weds off. By midday Monday I knew I was going to have a tough week at work. I had already decided to leave my company but had not told them due to being owed alot of commission and knowing I would not get it if I put in notice yet. Kilton_pk invited me to come to his bowling on Tuesday and he would buy me a beer and we could meet with no pressure. HA no pressure!

That day after many meeting and stress over several projects that were crumpling due to lack of funding I was ready for a drink or to go to sleep! I rushed home and changed clothes (several times). And headed to the bowling alley.
I arrived at the Bowling alley about 15 mins after the time a said I would be there and he was not hard to find (6'4" with a Blue Bell cap) and we hugged and I met several of his co workers and I watched him bowl. Now I am not a bowler, nor a big fan that I know the rules of it other that pick up the ball and throw it in the general direction of the pins all while not wanting to fall on your face. He did not do bad and after every spare or strike you give high fives. Now doing this I just put my hand up and kinda waited til he took his away to put my hand down. I know ever so graceful. Well to kilton_pk he liked the attention so like by little he moved closer and closer to me. Til by the time bowling was over he was sitting beside me with his arms just about wrapped around me. We decided to go eat dinner at a little Mexican food restaurant nearby he knew so we could talk more.

At this time I find out what he really thinks because I realized then that I was leading most the conversation. He tells me he nearly never called me after the first time cause I never stopped talking and I talked so fast he did not understand a word I said! Wow! He was glad he called me late that night because between me being tired and him being buzzed he understand me enough to decide he might like me! Awww!

We finish dinner and sit there til they just about kick us out the door and we proceed to sit on the tail bed of his truck and talk for several hours. By now we have moved onto kissing and there is the tingly feeling and funny stomach things going on. Finally he walks me to my car to which decides to not start right away and then we leave the restaurant. Which I try the drive thru a concrete median. WOW what has this man done to me.......

to be continued......

Time flies

So we have been up to everything and nothing all at the same time. We had my family in for a weekend. We took Dani to Jon Jon's Cinco De Mayo party, we wen to the first Astros game of the tickets I bought Mr. K for his birthday. We got all the plates for the wedding, my dress came in and is getting altered as we speak, I am meeting the florist today, invitations have gone out, shower invitations have gone out, I ordered my passport this week, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are on the offical wedding countdown!!!

It is very nerve racking to say the least! I always said once I had the dress it would be real and it is now. Payment for everything is coming due and we still have no idea about the groom cake which is driving me crazy and I have to get all the music together and figure out how I am routing sound thru out the wedding/reception area. This maybe getting put on Mr. K shoulders to find something that will work and we can use in our house in the future.

This weekend had promise to be a busy one, to which after a long weekend last weekend and the realization how soon the wedding is and many unavoidable busy weekends leading up to the wedding, I but a halt to many of this weekends options. We had talked about going to Strawberry Festival and see Wade Bowen and maybe go to the HOB but all of these things we did not have set in stone and no one was expecting us to go so I opted to save the money and do some of my many wedding projects I have over my head around the house. I think Mr. K is a bit disappointed and he may be going to visit his parents with the potental break this weekend. Wade Bowen is his favorite of the TX country artist so I do feel bad not wanting to go but I am also working on Sunday and since the Rockets are going on to game 7 it will be a BUSY day.

So I hope everyone has a great weekend with whatever they choose to do or not do!