Thursday, December 10, 2009

I lurve you more than my luggage

So this past weekend I had to mark a xmas gift off my list for my mom. Now I am done shopping but I had to wait till this past weekend and you may ask why but it was for this.
Yep I got to meet her.
And talk to here, more on that later....
So at 6:30 AM my mother text me to tell me that the venue has changed and I need to be there two hours early just to get a ticket to get in line to then get in line to meet PW. ?!?! However will I get to the other side of town seeing as I just woke up at 10:30 (don't judge me I working the night before and it was the last sat I will be sleeping in for a while) So I got dressed in a hurry which is NEVER good for me cause it takes three times longer that normal..
Ok ready to go out the door... where is my cell phone? Not in the bed, not in the bathroom , not in kitchen, living room, etc. Look for phone that was just in hand for 10 mins. Tear bed apart. nope. Tear bathroom apart. nope. Look in bed again. nope. Seriously I had the phone in my hand two minutes ago! Oh look at the foot of the bed under all the covers that I looked in ten times!!!!
Ok out the door, wait no need the cookbook....I put it somewhere I could find it later...GRRRR. Ok finally find cookbook and have EVERYTHING I could need. So i drive to the other side of town and when I get there I see that yes there is alot of people there. ALOT.
So I get in the line for the ticket to get in another line. Ok going good I am cherry. Aw so cute how they named them after flavors instead of colors. (more on this later) So I start walking around to see where I will be at for the next while. It was held at Georgia's Market, which is an all natural, local grown store. They had a buffet and little tea and coffee stands and all and all very neat place to be in for many hours.
So it is now close to 1 which is when P-dub is going to speak so I fine a spot and pullout my new camera to take some pictures.......the camera will not come on. Slight freak out. Text hubby telling him he broke it ;) He tells me I have an extra camera battery try that. Still does not work. OHHHH the battery is in wrong.grrrr. So at this point PW is out and sitting and answering questions and let me tell you for a woman that is all worried about her spanx she is little bitty. She is tall but tiny. And you know how you read something and give the narrator a voice tone? anyone? Well I had a huskier voice from reading the black heels to tractor wheels (which she is publishing She had this sweet little your best friend for years voice.

So she is done speaking and they explain the tickets we got earlier and the color order. So my cute cherry is used only after they have gone thru EVERY color in the world! Blue,red,pink,white,green,black,purple,yellow,petal,lilac,sky blue,vanilla,CHERRY,etc... So yeah I will be here a while!
So I decide to get something to eat from the buffet and find a seat. I ask a couple of very nice ladies that are knitting if anyone is sitting next to them and they reply no so I proceed to sit and stuff my face. While picking the lettuce out of my mouth I see a lady taking pictures out of the side of my eye so I watch her and realize I am somewhat sorta in her shot. So I ask her would you tell me what blog I am about to be on?
Well this is Sweetpea
From here
So we proceed to talk for the next ohhh 6 colors or 3 hours!! She has a super cute blog and super cute lil twin boys. Go check her out Mkay? So we are chating and she is there with her mom and Aunt that don"t quite get why we are here for 3 hours.
We where also talking to this sweet lady that is from here.
From 2009-12-09 PW
named Julie. She does tons of Christmas decorating and has chickens! I learned bunchs about chicks from these two ladies! And as you can see Julie had a color before us. So she got to come back and gloat of meeting Mrs. PDub.
At this point we have been here for about 4 hours and someone is walking around with color cards for "earlier" colors, and one happens to be skyy blue which my new friends Sweetpea and momma are in. And my hubby is texting me to see if me and PW are going to dinner together since I have been there so long! So I have a new color and am wondering how close we are so I go ask. OH after 8 colors we are 2 away. so we chitchat more, I seriously think I told them my WHOLE life story!
So the group before us is getting close to the end so we decide to "station" ourselves around the store because they kept starting the line in different spots. Sweetpea was in the right spot so we are at the front of the line! Sweet!
From 2009-12-09 PW
But still not to PW

Now I had planned to make PW and MM my armadilo eggs but due to I was lazy that morning I did not. But look at all these gifts!!
PW and one of THE cameras she uses for the pics that suck you in and spit you out with now holey yoga pants.

So now the heat is on to have your crafty not the same as everyone else thing ready to say. Ummmm, I'll wing it.

So here is Sweet pea and momma up there
So my turn

M: Hello I bet you are tired
PW: No I love this part getting meet so many people
M: Yes so many people love you blog I wish we could've met MM and the punks!
PW: Oh they had to go home yesterday
M: So how many cities do you have?
PW: oh Atlanta, New York, West Chester, PA, and Tennesse we are going to have so much fun my sister is going with me!
(she is almost done with my books)
M: Well my mother and I love you so please don't turn all Kate Gosslien on us like she did after her book tour, we like you as you are too much
PW: (nervous laughter)

Now here is pics that Sweat pea took while I was jabbering on to poor PW

Poor PW but look I did make her laugh some...maybe?!?!?
So yea to new friend and meeting the only Pioneer Woman!
And I got the nifty pioneer woman exclusive booktour tee too!
Now on my drive home and telling my momma I must lurve her more that my luggage my hubby text me this:
I would not wait in line for five hours to have sex with a playmate!
Aww honey good thing I was only 5 mins from home at this point and I did not ask you to come with me!

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  1. It was great meeting you also. Will have to meet up for her next book signing. My mom informed me I would go at that one alone, lol!

    Thanks for posting the extra picture of us, if you have anymore please email them to me, thanks!