Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wedding Website

So for those of you that have asked about the wedding website you can now click here to view it. I also have a link on the side of my blog as well.

Everything is going well, I am taking my sister to look at wedding dresses tomorrow so pics to follow for you mom.

So that is all, good night moon!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekends and other things I love......

This weekend was and fun and fabulous one as it rained non stop and so there for I got alot done!

Save the Dates- done and mailed, Involved one craft day at work, 3 books of stamps, 4 glue sticks and a run to Hobby Lobby for more paper. Now just to get my invitations this week when I visit my sister.

Gym membership- after talking to Dee and Jake Friday night and that working out together they supported each other blah blah blah P got the bright idea that I needed to join 24hr with him. Yeah--I bought 10 yoga lessons a month ago and have not gone to one! So will keep you updated as to if this works for us since I talked P out of us going today! (After eating chili cheese fries at lunch)

Cleaned- check.....well P cleaned I think the threat of me getting a maid and he does not trust random people in our love shack he pitched in and cleaned 90% of our stuff!

Errands ran- Well drove in the rain I don't like to drive in, but much better in a new big truck ;)

Blog stalking-I may seriously need a 12 step program, I have read the back log on many new favs and get upset if there is not daily post. (not that I can talk but I don't have a following) P was ready to take my phone away as I was checking the meanest mom backlog.

At this point I think we are trying to buy, order, enroll, etc in what we can so that P can get his transfer. Everything we have been holding off to do once we move, we are going ahead and doing with the hope that we will get the transfer and have to cancel memberships have plenty of things to have to deal with on this move.

I love our Sunday routine we sleep in and already have a movie in the DVD player in the bedroom and this week it was the notebook. P had never seen it and after Night at Rothane (sp?) last week I mentioned to P that I owned the notebook and he put it in. We BOTH got a little teary eyed. AWWW After movies we normally go somewhere outside for lunch but today was blech and so we grabs a couple burgers from an old burger shop I use to go to with my gramma. We returned some stuff we got the wrong yesterday and came home to relax. I cooked some chicken quesadillas and we where showered and in bed by 9! Now if I can just go to sleep.......

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wine and invites

So today I did all my errands and got home and started cooking dinner, at like 3 in the afternoon. For whatever reason it seemed like 5pm so I started drinking wine and by 7 we had ate dinner and I was knee deep in the save the date and our wedding website. P was like this on the couch....
Poor thing! He must have had a long day! So I hope to have the save the dates out in the mail this weekend or Monday!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A conversation between sisters

I had a conversation with my sister at is also engaged this morning and it went like this:

Me: Are you inviting Uncle X?

Jess: NO! I text mom and she said I did not have too!

M: Well I may invite him since my wedding is so far he probly won't show...

J: yeah but mine is close enough he MAY show up!

M: Just think he can do magic and you will have a built in babysitter!

J: shut your mouth you really think he should watch the kids?

M: No, well I invited him to my first wedding and he came.

J: Did he get you a good gift?

M: Yeah an expensive set of knives and the block!

J: Hmmmmm....

Gosh we sink so low for gifts!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Blogging Babble

So March is here and I have not blogged quite as much as I thought I would. However I did have big plans of blogging-
meals I cooked to put up pictures (all still on the camera)
Of our trip to Port A (still in camera also)
Wedding things I love or jave bought
Daiky antics and other things.....Well as you see none is on here.

Well hello March,
This month I plan to enjoy outside more. I would like to make an effort to write three times a week. I want to finish organizing our closet, (just so P can get the transfer and us move). Also March can you keep the weather nice? I really would like to be able to drive with the top down as much as possible.This week I am ordering my wedding dress and invitations so I would like to get healthier (No fried food that I love some much I can not eat you til I lose the 20 love pounds P gave me!) and also get more organized. Ms. March please help me with these items as this is as close to giving up things for lint as I get.

The wedding plans are going wonderful. We have the place, I know who is catering, I have all the centerpiece containers, ribbon, decorations for the sign in table and cake table. As far as decorations I just have sewing projects and lighting to buy. Since we are going for a smaller weddding I love that I get to have every detail I want. I really keep checking my list to see if I forgot something. Well this evening I hope to upload photos and may back log some blogs...We will see how this goes.