Monday, March 2, 2009

Blogging Babble

So March is here and I have not blogged quite as much as I thought I would. However I did have big plans of blogging-
meals I cooked to put up pictures (all still on the camera)
Of our trip to Port A (still in camera also)
Wedding things I love or jave bought
Daiky antics and other things.....Well as you see none is on here.

Well hello March,
This month I plan to enjoy outside more. I would like to make an effort to write three times a week. I want to finish organizing our closet, (just so P can get the transfer and us move). Also March can you keep the weather nice? I really would like to be able to drive with the top down as much as possible.This week I am ordering my wedding dress and invitations so I would like to get healthier (No fried food that I love some much I can not eat you til I lose the 20 love pounds P gave me!) and also get more organized. Ms. March please help me with these items as this is as close to giving up things for lint as I get.

The wedding plans are going wonderful. We have the place, I know who is catering, I have all the centerpiece containers, ribbon, decorations for the sign in table and cake table. As far as decorations I just have sewing projects and lighting to buy. Since we are going for a smaller weddding I love that I get to have every detail I want. I really keep checking my list to see if I forgot something. Well this evening I hope to upload photos and may back log some blogs...We will see how this goes.

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