Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Kitchen Sunday

So when we are in town I do cook and this is what it looks like. this was a short cut Sunday of Tortilla soup and jello parfaits with homemade whipped cream!

This stuff is the bomb!
Here is it cooking as directed:

I like to add a few things and put it in the crockpot:
I add corn and kindey beans:

then I add Chicken that is cooked:

MMMMMM it is cooking

After an hour in the crockpot it is ready:

But now we need dessert:

So I made jello but thtat is boring so I made homemade whipped cream which is so easy, one container of heavy whipped cream whipped up:

As I Whip it:

and then layered with chocolate chips and nuts:

I call this my bad girl box ( no it is not what you think! get your mind out of the gutter!)


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