Monday, February 2, 2009

For the Love of Food

So when P and I met we where both not happy with our weight and working out and dieting and doing good to meet our goals. Well this did not last long as there was many dinners out with apps and dessert and ice cream, lots of ice cream! Hello I'm marrying a man that works for blue bell...however we ate dairy queen three nights a week, explain that! So with a combined gained weight of 60 some odd pounds.....It is diet time!
The only problem I have with dieting is well, I LOVE food! All food, fried,grilled, breaded, mexican, chinese, you name it I eat it! When I eat well I get bored! So thank god we have a set wedding date so I have a goal as to when I need to lose weight before! Now just to start liking the gym!

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