Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Modern Technology

So I am fortunate enough to only work three days a week but in the mornings before work (I don't have to be at work til 10:30) I can not get my act in gear! On thursdays and fridays I wake early and am productive. Mon- Weds I am a snoozer. I hit the alarm over and over.
I really do enjoy blogging and getting some computer work done but it just is not in my cards early in the week! So I have resorted to my trusty phone. I am still learning how to blog, I do not know how to put nifty lil pictures in my post yet but I will get there.


  1. ok...umm...wholly crap. I hadn't checked this in a "few" days...and its all up and going really good! I feel like I missed out, Dangit! :)

  2. Well I was great at writing but I was saving and not publishing!