Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Heart

So this weekend was an exciting one for me. Was it it allure of Valentines Day? Nope. Did P send me flowers? nope. Chocolate? Nope. Jewelry? Nope. Then what in the world had me so excited? P and I went to go look at houses to hold our wedding! Friday night I was so excited, that I did not go to sleep til 3:30 in the morning and I woke up at 7:30 am! Yes, I was little kid on x-mas morning excited. So why you may wonder was I SOOOO excited over looking at the outside of houses I have been looking at online for 2 months? Well lets back up to Monday night.

Monday P called me while I was at work and told me he was working on Sunday this week and I mentioned well then I may take my sister to look at the houses on Friday that I had narrowed the list down to. He did not seemed thrilled and mentioned that he still did not have the day off. GRRRR. For those of you that do not know I came up with the fourth of July as a wedding date in a dream while I was visiting my parents several months before we got engaged. It was very vivid! So of course when P proposed I told him I really wanted to do it then and it is nowhere close to his or my previous wedding anniversaries. Plus it works well with our backyard BBQ family wedding we wanted. So from his call to my own neurosis I managed to think that P did not really want to have a wedding and he had mentioned getting married at the JP or off on a cruise before. So I had a meltdown. I came home and sat on the couch and bacisally told him he could plan our wedding! Just plan a trip or tell me the day we where going to the JP but I was not going to plan everything myself, it was suppose to be about both of us and I did not want to runaway and get married but he was my wedding plan stress! I caught him a little (IE VERY) offguard! He did not realize he was stressing me and felt horrible and apologized over and over. I think he was more freaked out cause I ended up crying and he has not seen me cry ever!

So weds on his off day he kept calling his boss to verify he had the day off (in the ice cream world that is a busy day) and came to visit me at work to look at houses and plan the honeymoon. This making me VERY happy that he was good to his promise of being helpful!

So we got alot done in our 450 mile trip in 8 hours. We looked at all the houses and I do have to say some people are great photographers cause they were nothing like the websites. So without further ado....

We will be renting the Oppelt Haus for the weekend.

After looking at the houses we stopped by hobby lobby to get some wedding stuff while it was half off and my cake stand, also looked at the place for the dinner the night before and caters. I believe the winner will be Bill Millers with Rudy's BBQ sauce for P. And everyone is happy!

So a busy day yesterday. Today will be my kitchen day. I am off to cook to feed Mr. P since he is working everyday til Weds. But hey he got Saturday off this next week so we will be off to Corpus and Port A. for offshore fishing! So now to make some yummies!

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