Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wooooo Hooooo

So Patrick says he is not luck, I on the other hand think I am verrrry lucky you wanna know why?

1. I won PW snapfish contest! I won 5 photobooks! Yep that is me at #4! Which is great cause I just ordered one to use as a guest sign in book at our wedding.

2. I once won a free trip for 2 to las vegas at a Realtor luncheon.

3. This little thingy...........

I recently got this award from my bloggin' buddy Sabrina.

The Rules of Accepting and Sharing this Award

1. Put the logo on your blog or post

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs that show an attitude of gratitude- I'm cheating cause I don't know 10 so if read this please play!

3. Link to your nominees within your post- ok remember I cheat

4. Comment on their blogs to let them know they've received this award

5. Share the love and link to this post and the person who nominated you for the award.

6. Tell us how you've come to have an attitude of gratitude.

I am very grateful for being nominated. I have a great fiancee and am looking forward to the next couple months and our wedding. I have tried to have a positive attitude after everything that has gone on in my life and there is proof there is a god and he has a bigger plan!

4. And him...............

He is defiantly my other half! These are some of the pics that I think but us over the edge and win! So these are the reasons I am lucky this week! Sorry to gloat, I am off to buy a lotto ticket while I am on my high!

Monday, April 13, 2009


So Mr. K and I visited his parents for easter and had a good time. Last week was also his mom's birthday and she had made it clear she wanted at least a card! So we where going to get her flowers then I thought a cake, then P thought cake pops! So off on trip to hobby lobby and the grocery store we as in P came up with he idea and I will execute it were making rose shaped cake pops! If you have never seen cake pops look here. I wqanna make pretties like Bakerella and live like Pioneer Woman. But I digress. I'll load pics tonight but they were a hit! His mom kept going on about how creative and pretty they were and thanking me and poor P was like but they where my idea! Yes babe you had a good idea!
So the drive back on sunday came earlier than normal cause I had to work. While driving back we had a little heart to heart of what is to come after the wedding and about our move. We have not visited this topic to much, except when it is time for rent and we are having to pay an extra $100 a month. He has been told that there with not be a regular route available for a while because before they hire out they have school route drivers to promote in New Braunfels. We have ruled San Antonio out just because some of their routes go damn near mexico and Patrick would have to leave the house for work at 1-2 in the morning. Not worth it! So we now have the question of do we go ahead and him take a School route which is mon-fri and weekends off for the time being til he can get a regular route or just wait for the regular route like he is on now. The only problem with a school route is less money. Right now most of my money is spent frivolously on stuff. I pay half the house hold bills and my storage and cell phone. The rest is wedding stuff and shopping and eating out. I know there is ways to save money on both our parts as now whatever we want we buy with no second thought. I also am wanting to take my certification to become a paralegal. This is my safety net of between that and my real estate background to get outta the bar business and into something more stable. Or more some something with benefits of maternity leave. most of this talk leads basically to when we will start adding little mini ones to our family. Because the move has to take place before we have any kids. So is it really that bad that I can't shop on my four days off a week to be able to relocate faster and get out of our holding pattern....

Thursday, April 9, 2009


So last week was spent at Texas motor speedway with my Father and the Hubby to be. Both of these men are HUGE fans of NASCAR. Thou my dad had never been to a race, he has seen many tracks with his travels for work, but this redneck mecca he had never attended before.

Now hubby-to-be goes to the fall race annually with his father and brother, so he knows what to expect and what not. The trip began with the 5 hour drive to my parents in Anna, TX on Saturday after Patrick got off work. This is what the drive looked like from Patrick's view point! This is ok cause I got to sleep the next day before and after the race, thou he got to sleep the whole drive home....hmmm I wonder who won on this one? He still had to get up on Monday at 5 to go to work but still, the drive from Anna to Forth worth is not nearly as bad as Anna to Houston, with no one to talk to you!

So Saturday night we had dinner with my family and watched a movie with my mom and sis cause my dad was like a kid on the night before school and had tuck himself in @ 9 so he could get up early the next morning. And boy was he up early! I told my dad we would be getting up at 5 and leaving about 5:30 so I hear him going to the garage @ 4:45 the next morning! That was our cue to get up! So out the door we stop and get some sodas and water for the race and get to the Speedway @ 6:45 at which time I take a nap! I grabbed a movie for the guys to watch in the car to kill time but I thing they listened to the NASCAR channel the whole time. I was awaken @ 9:30 to get ready to go into the stadium. I dreamed Patrick moved the truck on me while I was sleeping to which they looked at me like I was crazy!

Once out of the truck I realized it was cold and windy! We got in and decided to go to our seats instead of looking at all the merchandise crap. At this point Patrick ask me for the sunblock we brought with us to put on. I tell you this because it will be important later. He puts some on and I put it back in the top of my purse. I watch everyone come in so I can see what food people are eating cause I am getting hungry. Plus I love stadium and carnival food. After a while I decide that I am hungry and so is Patrick so we go scavenging for food. My dad is not a big public place eater as in he did not want to have to go to the bathroom in public so EX NA on the food-A.

After Foreigner preformed the race began. As you can tell from the pictures we had really good seats as Patrick is very particular about his seats for races. We spend the whole day in the sun and wind so by the end we were zapped. Now before the race for a month Patrick told me that if Jeff Gordon won at the race he would never take me or my dad again because he had never won and Patrick HATES Jeff Gordon. So who ends up winning........yeah Jeff Gordon. Patrick's driver, Carl Edwards, crew screwed him on a pitstop at the end and he went from 1st to 13th! So Patrick did not want to stay for one second of the Gordon victory party so it was back to the truck.

Now part of Patricks going to the races is he is knows were to park to make getting out painless as possible but it means the truck was in a different zip code than the racetrack. My dad and I could not keep up with P walking to the truck and after several time of asking him to slow down finally I let him walk ahead cause he did not have a jacket or windbreaker and it was cold. Once in the truck I took another nap! They talked about god knows what but hey they talked. As Patrick put it this was the most he had heard outta my dad in the whole time he had know him!

Back at my parents house it was apparent that both my father and I had gotten some sun. My dad had opted to not wear earplugs and had a headache. We ate dinner and then headed on our way back home. Later that night I was talking to my mom to have someone keep me awake and she told me that dad was lobster red and when she asked him if we had sunblock he said yes but I did not offer it to him and he did not want to be rude! GEEZ! It was sitting on TOP of my purse he saw Patrick ask for it and apply it, he saw me place in my bag! Men! Next time I will put in on his head before we get outta the car!!!! So that was our first time at the race. I wish I had gotting a pic of me and the men in my life but all I had was my camera on my phone.


So apparently I have a lot to catch you all up on in the world of us so get your coffee and sit awhile!
My sister jess and I went and looked at wedding dresses for her wedding next year. Here are a few she tried on:

She was excited to find something she liked. We also attended some Houston Rodeo, I was given tickets for Reba and Pat Green but I bought some awesome Brad Paisley tickets. He puts on a good show and he is man pretty!

After taking road trips all of February mostly in my Mustang, Patrick got jealous of my easy ability to play our MP3 players in the car, I jokingly told him then he should get a new truck. His Tacoma we had to plug this thing in and find a radio station not near any other. But really nothing else was wrong with his truck. WELL Patrick got the new truck bug! So 2 weeks later TADAH! Patrick's F150 King Ranch. It is very nice and has every bell and whistle one can want. And he is a happy camper cause finally he has a Ford family. What guy does not want a big truck and a convertible mustang!

In my wedding news, We have most all little things, I got the save the dates out

I am very excited that they turned out exactly how I wanted them too!

I also got the opportunity to watch a couple of the smallest McKenizes' for a day. THis was find but me cause I wanted to see the Pirates at Space Center. Well the commercial is VERY misleading and I did not see one pirate and the treasure hunt was easy since it is 6 displays at the front of the compound. Of all the things the kiddos saw this was their favorite toy........
Yes the water fountain! We had a good day but there was a tantrum or three but who is counting right!?!?
And yes my mustang can hold 2 carseats! Thou I don't see getting one baby carrier in and out contently. After Space Center we had McDonalds and it was time for a movie in bed and quiet time. Well that lasted til the last 15 mins of Bolt. Then they really wanted to play Wii. Wii is really great for 3-4 year old only if you have the 3 year old "thinking he is playing" by just giving him the controler!

How funny! Anyways that is the bulk of what has been going on in our world. Also we made a road trip in the new truck to my parents and I will try to blog about that later today.

Now I have to go and run 100 errands... no really everything froma crash phone, to someone hit my car at work (and then came back the next day and left me a note and called the bar to make sure I got the note!) to changing my name (I know I have been divorced how long and I have not done this?!?!) all so I can get my passport cause I really don't wanna me told no when we get to go on the honeymoon. So I am off! More updates later