Monday, April 13, 2009


So Mr. K and I visited his parents for easter and had a good time. Last week was also his mom's birthday and she had made it clear she wanted at least a card! So we where going to get her flowers then I thought a cake, then P thought cake pops! So off on trip to hobby lobby and the grocery store we as in P came up with he idea and I will execute it were making rose shaped cake pops! If you have never seen cake pops look here. I wqanna make pretties like Bakerella and live like Pioneer Woman. But I digress. I'll load pics tonight but they were a hit! His mom kept going on about how creative and pretty they were and thanking me and poor P was like but they where my idea! Yes babe you had a good idea!
So the drive back on sunday came earlier than normal cause I had to work. While driving back we had a little heart to heart of what is to come after the wedding and about our move. We have not visited this topic to much, except when it is time for rent and we are having to pay an extra $100 a month. He has been told that there with not be a regular route available for a while because before they hire out they have school route drivers to promote in New Braunfels. We have ruled San Antonio out just because some of their routes go damn near mexico and Patrick would have to leave the house for work at 1-2 in the morning. Not worth it! So we now have the question of do we go ahead and him take a School route which is mon-fri and weekends off for the time being til he can get a regular route or just wait for the regular route like he is on now. The only problem with a school route is less money. Right now most of my money is spent frivolously on stuff. I pay half the house hold bills and my storage and cell phone. The rest is wedding stuff and shopping and eating out. I know there is ways to save money on both our parts as now whatever we want we buy with no second thought. I also am wanting to take my certification to become a paralegal. This is my safety net of between that and my real estate background to get outta the bar business and into something more stable. Or more some something with benefits of maternity leave. most of this talk leads basically to when we will start adding little mini ones to our family. Because the move has to take place before we have any kids. So is it really that bad that I can't shop on my four days off a week to be able to relocate faster and get out of our holding pattern....

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