Thursday, April 9, 2009


So apparently I have a lot to catch you all up on in the world of us so get your coffee and sit awhile!
My sister jess and I went and looked at wedding dresses for her wedding next year. Here are a few she tried on:

She was excited to find something she liked. We also attended some Houston Rodeo, I was given tickets for Reba and Pat Green but I bought some awesome Brad Paisley tickets. He puts on a good show and he is man pretty!

After taking road trips all of February mostly in my Mustang, Patrick got jealous of my easy ability to play our MP3 players in the car, I jokingly told him then he should get a new truck. His Tacoma we had to plug this thing in and find a radio station not near any other. But really nothing else was wrong with his truck. WELL Patrick got the new truck bug! So 2 weeks later TADAH! Patrick's F150 King Ranch. It is very nice and has every bell and whistle one can want. And he is a happy camper cause finally he has a Ford family. What guy does not want a big truck and a convertible mustang!

In my wedding news, We have most all little things, I got the save the dates out

I am very excited that they turned out exactly how I wanted them too!

I also got the opportunity to watch a couple of the smallest McKenizes' for a day. THis was find but me cause I wanted to see the Pirates at Space Center. Well the commercial is VERY misleading and I did not see one pirate and the treasure hunt was easy since it is 6 displays at the front of the compound. Of all the things the kiddos saw this was their favorite toy........
Yes the water fountain! We had a good day but there was a tantrum or three but who is counting right!?!?
And yes my mustang can hold 2 carseats! Thou I don't see getting one baby carrier in and out contently. After Space Center we had McDonalds and it was time for a movie in bed and quiet time. Well that lasted til the last 15 mins of Bolt. Then they really wanted to play Wii. Wii is really great for 3-4 year old only if you have the 3 year old "thinking he is playing" by just giving him the controler!

How funny! Anyways that is the bulk of what has been going on in our world. Also we made a road trip in the new truck to my parents and I will try to blog about that later today.

Now I have to go and run 100 errands... no really everything froma crash phone, to someone hit my car at work (and then came back the next day and left me a note and called the bar to make sure I got the note!) to changing my name (I know I have been divorced how long and I have not done this?!?!) all so I can get my passport cause I really don't wanna me told no when we get to go on the honeymoon. So I am off! More updates later

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  1. We can get the carset in and out of Dusitn's work car, which is a little 2 door, hatchback, Ford can do the Mustang! And really, NO first time parent gets the baby carrier in and out well for the first few weeks(or months like me)anyways! BTW - LOVE the Save the Dates!