Thursday, April 9, 2009


So last week was spent at Texas motor speedway with my Father and the Hubby to be. Both of these men are HUGE fans of NASCAR. Thou my dad had never been to a race, he has seen many tracks with his travels for work, but this redneck mecca he had never attended before.

Now hubby-to-be goes to the fall race annually with his father and brother, so he knows what to expect and what not. The trip began with the 5 hour drive to my parents in Anna, TX on Saturday after Patrick got off work. This is what the drive looked like from Patrick's view point! This is ok cause I got to sleep the next day before and after the race, thou he got to sleep the whole drive home....hmmm I wonder who won on this one? He still had to get up on Monday at 5 to go to work but still, the drive from Anna to Forth worth is not nearly as bad as Anna to Houston, with no one to talk to you!

So Saturday night we had dinner with my family and watched a movie with my mom and sis cause my dad was like a kid on the night before school and had tuck himself in @ 9 so he could get up early the next morning. And boy was he up early! I told my dad we would be getting up at 5 and leaving about 5:30 so I hear him going to the garage @ 4:45 the next morning! That was our cue to get up! So out the door we stop and get some sodas and water for the race and get to the Speedway @ 6:45 at which time I take a nap! I grabbed a movie for the guys to watch in the car to kill time but I thing they listened to the NASCAR channel the whole time. I was awaken @ 9:30 to get ready to go into the stadium. I dreamed Patrick moved the truck on me while I was sleeping to which they looked at me like I was crazy!

Once out of the truck I realized it was cold and windy! We got in and decided to go to our seats instead of looking at all the merchandise crap. At this point Patrick ask me for the sunblock we brought with us to put on. I tell you this because it will be important later. He puts some on and I put it back in the top of my purse. I watch everyone come in so I can see what food people are eating cause I am getting hungry. Plus I love stadium and carnival food. After a while I decide that I am hungry and so is Patrick so we go scavenging for food. My dad is not a big public place eater as in he did not want to have to go to the bathroom in public so EX NA on the food-A.

After Foreigner preformed the race began. As you can tell from the pictures we had really good seats as Patrick is very particular about his seats for races. We spend the whole day in the sun and wind so by the end we were zapped. Now before the race for a month Patrick told me that if Jeff Gordon won at the race he would never take me or my dad again because he had never won and Patrick HATES Jeff Gordon. So who ends up winning........yeah Jeff Gordon. Patrick's driver, Carl Edwards, crew screwed him on a pitstop at the end and he went from 1st to 13th! So Patrick did not want to stay for one second of the Gordon victory party so it was back to the truck.

Now part of Patricks going to the races is he is knows were to park to make getting out painless as possible but it means the truck was in a different zip code than the racetrack. My dad and I could not keep up with P walking to the truck and after several time of asking him to slow down finally I let him walk ahead cause he did not have a jacket or windbreaker and it was cold. Once in the truck I took another nap! They talked about god knows what but hey they talked. As Patrick put it this was the most he had heard outta my dad in the whole time he had know him!

Back at my parents house it was apparent that both my father and I had gotten some sun. My dad had opted to not wear earplugs and had a headache. We ate dinner and then headed on our way back home. Later that night I was talking to my mom to have someone keep me awake and she told me that dad was lobster red and when she asked him if we had sunblock he said yes but I did not offer it to him and he did not want to be rude! GEEZ! It was sitting on TOP of my purse he saw Patrick ask for it and apply it, he saw me place in my bag! Men! Next time I will put in on his head before we get outta the car!!!! So that was our first time at the race. I wish I had gotting a pic of me and the men in my life but all I had was my camera on my phone.

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  1. Next time try seats just a bit higher...they are under the canopy and no sun (or rain as it has been before in our case)...:) lovely.