Friday, May 15, 2009

Time flies

So we have been up to everything and nothing all at the same time. We had my family in for a weekend. We took Dani to Jon Jon's Cinco De Mayo party, we wen to the first Astros game of the tickets I bought Mr. K for his birthday. We got all the plates for the wedding, my dress came in and is getting altered as we speak, I am meeting the florist today, invitations have gone out, shower invitations have gone out, I ordered my passport this week, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are on the offical wedding countdown!!!

It is very nerve racking to say the least! I always said once I had the dress it would be real and it is now. Payment for everything is coming due and we still have no idea about the groom cake which is driving me crazy and I have to get all the music together and figure out how I am routing sound thru out the wedding/reception area. This maybe getting put on Mr. K shoulders to find something that will work and we can use in our house in the future.

This weekend had promise to be a busy one, to which after a long weekend last weekend and the realization how soon the wedding is and many unavoidable busy weekends leading up to the wedding, I but a halt to many of this weekends options. We had talked about going to Strawberry Festival and see Wade Bowen and maybe go to the HOB but all of these things we did not have set in stone and no one was expecting us to go so I opted to save the money and do some of my many wedding projects I have over my head around the house. I think Mr. K is a bit disappointed and he may be going to visit his parents with the potental break this weekend. Wade Bowen is his favorite of the TX country artist so I do feel bad not wanting to go but I am also working on Sunday and since the Rockets are going on to game 7 it will be a BUSY day.

So I hope everyone has a great weekend with whatever they choose to do or not do!

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