Saturday, May 16, 2009

Perfectly unperfect

What makes you life perfect.......
  • The perfect outfit: Comfort all the way, jeans and a tee, or a light sundress as we get into summer
  • The perfect meal: good mexican food
  • The perfect hangover cure: Greasy fries.
  • The perfect road trip: I'd love to do a southern USA roadtrip thru LA, GA and FL.
  • The perfect facial feature: Little colored eyes and good teeth, I know soo random.
  • The perfect drink: sweet tea with lemon
  • The perfect song: Wade Bowen Who I Am. This will be Mr. K and I's wedding song
  • The perfect sign of affection: a forehead kiss any the way
  • The perfect afternoon: lazy day with good company and no stress!
  • The perfect vacation: I am ready for Flordia and the Bahamas this summer and Vegas in the fall.
  • The perfect type of wedding: are we talking about mine? Small, outside, close friends and family, good food. Hope all this works this summer
  • The perfect album: Gosh gotta be Rolling Stones 40 licks. Know all the songs
  • The perfect accent: Southern twang
  • The perfect date: he says, "Just be ready, I'll take care of everything."
  • The perfect weather: sunny and 80
  • The perfect party: good friends, food and booze
  • The perfect sport: mmm...the kind where no one gets upset or annoyed if I'm talking during the game
  • The perfect thing to say: "do not worry about being perfect, you are perfect being unperfect"
  • The perfect day of the week: lazy Sundays.