Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

So it is officially less that TWO months before oue wedding! I picked up my wedding dress last week and am getting it altered to hopefully have it ready for my bridal portraits on May 15th. I am paying off the house this week and all I have left is mail the invitations, find Patrick's clothes, pay the florist, photographer, figure out where the cakes are coming from, and make the playlist for the MP3 player. Which in my head did not seem like that much....Hmmm. I need to get on it!

So this weekend my family came into town and we had get together to remember my gramma who passed away last April. Patrick has met most my family before this weekend but was able to meet the rest of my mom- side of the family this weekend. Everyone seems to like one and other. Apparently they all liked him as there was much discussion about him after we left to go to another party that evening. I took my wedding dress with me and everyone got to see it while Patrick wandered around the yard, waiting to be let back in the house. Next we took Dani with us to Jon Jon's annual Cinco de Mayo party where they where in full swing and everyone had a good time. Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast with the family still in town and came home with our movies from redbox and did nothing! It was great! We both needed a do nothing day.

So that is the doing of us. We have heard nothing on a transfer yet but looking in The Scoop (bb company newsletter) They have hired 2 new people in NB which we hope is for the school route and not that Patrick got overlooked.

This week I am taking off Weds. to take Patrick to the Astros game from some of the tickets I got him for his birthday. Now to figure out were to go to lunch. I'm thinking P.F. Changs since he loves pei wei and has never had it. I have a Dre pool day and crawfish night Thursday so I am very excited about this week!

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