Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have 38 days before the wedding!

I am a ball of nerves. Not of getting married to Patrick but of everything falling into place. The wedding is the last of my concern. I will have several friends that are ordained at the wedding so someone will read the little words off the paper and we will say I do. But where is everyone going to park. How many people are coming to this thing. How long will everyone be there. how much will I have to clean up. Will everyone have a good time. Will our equipment work for the sound. Will the cakes melt in the heat.

Just a few concerns....

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  1. dont worry honey. everything is going to be just fine. if we talk to the neighbors about parking, then that wont be a problem. clean up wont be terrible, because you have great friends who are going to be cleaning up as we go. maybe i can find a clean up crew that can come in early sunday morning. the cakes wont melt because we wont bring those out til the last minute. and will put fans in front of them. and the sound will be fine, even if we have to open up a car door and blare the radio.