Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where to begin......

So hi me ago....I know it has been so long. I have been here still stalking other blogs but not saying much. So alot has happened. The next day was Halloween and we had a good night with friends. At the last min we dressed up as Hugh Hefner and a playboy bunny. Then the next weekend P when to the race in fort worth and then to a job interview in Austin. So fingers crossed that his posit. ion starts there in mid dec cause we are moving Dec 12th! We went up this past weekend and looked at apartments and found one we really liked and they had a good deal so we signed a lease! It has only taken a year longer but we are finally moving.

Last weekend was very stressful, it did not start out that way we went out for MPG dirty thirty b-day Friday night. Then we got up early Sat morning and drove to Austin, looked at a couple apartments then got in a wreck, then found the apartment we are renting then went to San Antonio to stay with friends. Oh you are still hung on the wreck?!? Yeah we got rear-ended on 35 while in P new truck ( got it in march but still it is new). We are ok I guess, I am still sore and have a concussion but I gave that to myself on a bunk bed later that night. My hubby should know not to startle me while sleeping but he did and I hit the sense out of my head on the bottom part of the top bunk! So rough weekend with lots of exciting things!

So 2 more weeks of school and time to really start looking for a job in Austin. Next week the family will be coming down for Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncles house. This weekend we are going to P'S parents to celebrate with them. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Hi Denise, see I am already blog stalking, ha ha. Just wanted to say it was nice meeting you today. Keep in touch.


  2. Hey, you! Enjoyed our Saturday together. I have posted about it. Can't wait to see your post. ; )