Friday, October 30, 2009


So again long time no talk. The reason being............nothing really! I have has alot of different little things going on so this will be a long post.

I finished the first part of my classes. I started the second part which is MUCH harder!!!! I have 5 weeks left and I am scare. It is scary to me that I am learning simular to what people go to law school for three years in 14 weeks. How am I suppose to learn all of this and be able to use it?!?

We are getting closer to moving. We have extended our lease for (cross fingers) the last time! We are looking at the week between christmas and new years to move. I am about to paper the city of Austin with my resume and if all else fails I can allows bartend till I find a paralegal postion. I am so excited because with this moe we can really get a good "fresh" start without some of our ghost. Which have been biting me in the butt as I have been having several strange dreams this last week all doing with our ex's and strange situations and questions of if we should have gotten married. Which I do not question but not a good feeling to have a dream about!
Anyone else have strange drems like that?
Next up would be The holidays coming up. We are very excited that my parents will be coming in town for at least Thanksgiving, which my lovely hunny has not had a holiday where he had to drive 250+ miles since he was in college. He might even be able to over eat this year!
I really want to decorate for the fall or xmas but with an impending move over our head I don't forsee getting to use any of our ornaments we got this year. I have spend this past year with P making him get a ornament everywhere we go. So needless to say we have a good collection of "our" memories to put on a tree.
I went to my parents in earlier this month for my baby sisters' b-day and that was an adventure. I let her use my car to get her drivers license then we did so shopping and she weaseled another b-day gift out of me of perfume. We then went and did some grocery shopping and had dinner with my mom and when we came back I pulled in the drive and it felt like I ran over something so I backed up and I could not go anywhere. I got out to see that my passanger wheel assembly was detattched from the car! Apparently when I had all the work from the wreck they subbed out the suspenion work and they did not torque the bolt and it flexed out with pulling in and out of my parents steeper that I normally drive, driveway. So again my car was in the shop. so let add this all up shall we...
Get the car Aug 18th
Engine light comes on and goes in shop Aug 27 for supposely a misfire and it gets a tune up get car out Sept 8th.($540 covered under warrenty)
Sept 9th we evacuate for Ike I leave my car in Nixon for 2 weeks till we have power and go pick it up and the engine light is on again. Goes back in shop on Sept 23rd
Is in shop for 2 months and am told everything under the moon as to why it is taking so long. Ends up getting a new motherboard and two new heads because the did not cailbrate the motherboard right and water got into the heads when they test drove it. ($5300 covered again under warrenty)
June someone hits me at work on the driver side and comes back the next day and leaves thier insurance info. Car in shop to get repaired ($1200 insurance claim)
July 9th get t-boned and have car in shop for 6 weeks and $8900 worth of damage. So add it all up 540+5300+1200+8900 =$15,940 in repairs since I owed this vehicle in ONE year!!!!!! I need to get a new car cause this one has bad juju!
So it added much stress to my trip as I spent the whole day watching them try to get my car out of the driveway and then get a rental car. I have no idea how much the repairs cost on this because they where all covered by the repair shop in Houston. Dani had a good birthday and I was exhuasted but got in the car to drive home to my husband and turn around and get in his car to drive to his family reunion! We had a good time seeing his family and playing card with his parents. I was glad thou to be home Sunday night after being gone all week.
So that is all I can think of for the moment but that is what has been going on with me for the last couple weeks. So I will try to check a little more often. Till next time dear friends!

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