Thursday, September 24, 2009


So sense we are not where we want to be living and we have minimal room in our apartment and I have the nesting bug I have started by redecorating around here. And by here I mean blog work. Look for a new headline this week too.

So this last week has brought a few changes in my work world. My company was sold 3 weeks ago. The new owners have owned simular businesses in the past but not one exactly like ours. Now there is several of us that have been there for 3-5 years, basically since it was opened. We are a close family. We are all adult and thou this job is not any of our dream jobs we do our jobs very well and have 90% regulars as customers. The new owners said nothing would change but we have realized in the last couple weeks they are very controlling and slightly paroniod. Things we do everyday have been questioned if we are stealing. We do not have product and are told to just tell customers to get something else. Specials are being changed with no warning to the customers. Now I began this job as a hiatus from the real world nearly 4 years ago and have had difficult managers and such over the years but nothing like this. I have never had a time where I did not want to go to work. I do like it and 99% of the people (with regulars there are some you just aren't bbf's with no matter what). But there is a feeling that has come over everyone that is to protect you own behind and find somewhere else to go before we are all replaced. Now the choice of do I ride it out till I am really miserable or just go somewhere else. Since this is not my career choice why is this decision so hard? Cause I do make great money working only three days a week and I like everyone their besides the new owners.

In good news I have been doing really well in my classes and have 2 weeks left, thou the last week is just a wrap up with no test or homework so really one week. Then I have my second session which is seven weeks as well. After that I will be a certified paralegal. Which at that point I will began my hunt for a job in the Austin area. So it adds to my do I want to change jobs three months before I look for ANOTHER job in another city.

Why do I have to be a grown up? I wanna live in Neverland with the Lost boys.....

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