Monday, January 11, 2010


I am more a blog stalker that writer these days. I have been feeling ho-hum and did not feel like sharing all that to remember at a later date. We have gotten moved but are still working in Houston and driving to Austin where our cat gets to live every chance we get. Needless to say it has been very stressful. I spend my days off looking high and low for a job. P had several things lined up and now is standing in line waiting for the openings.

Because of this and other issues I have been depressed. Not wanting to take it out on P but he is in my line of fire. I know he is looking and doing everything he can to change the situation but I do not do well with uncertainty.

Then I did some of my blogstalking yesterday and read Kelly's Korner Which is a super cute blog that is very inspiring with all the things she has been thru. But anyways this particular post hit home of I had to stop pushing God to make everything the way I want it now but let him provide and the things that is best for us he will make happen in due time.
Gosh that just hit home for me. I went to bed with some peace and slept well for the first time in a few weeks. My husband called me this morning after I woke to tell me that he was interviewing for a position with his company in New Braunfels on Friday. Where we had tried last year to move and he could never get a transfer thou. God works on the time schedule he wants. You just have to have faith.

PS> I will be backdating a couple post I have of the holidays that I could never get myself to finish.

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