Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, New You

So New Years has come and left. We opted to stay in and eat and drink and play games on the Wii with friends. Really just what we wanted! I look back at years past and get out of the house just was not appealing. We stayed in lounge clothes for the whole evening and watched the ball drop at midnight and were in bed by 2!
I force fed Patrick and Christa black eyed peas and cabbage on New Years day. Force fed, as in told them to eat it, neither of them knew if they liked cabbage but after initial reservations both ate a full bowl! So with that, here is to a prosperious new year to us all!

This year looks to bring much change in our house including but not limited to:

Moving to the hill country- many want to call it home in their retirement- we hope to call it home in raising a family. We have plenty of years to figure out somewhere else to retire!

A wedding to shortly follow. P has bought the rings and is ploying as to when and where to give it to me.

Which is to be followed with buying a house. Figure we should make sure we like New Braunfels before jumping into a house there.

Somewhere in all of this there also is talk of going on a cruise and selling P's boat and getting a new bigger one. Going ahead and trying to get a vaca in and new toy before trying to start a family. Yikes yes I said it- something important to both Patrick and I is to have a family. It was something in "previous lifes" that was not obtainable and looking back we are both ok with. There is a reason it did not happen but it is definately something we are both looking forward to in the somewhat near future.

It is good to look back on past failures as they seemed at the time, to see how they where just cracks in the walk to get you to pay attention to the road ahead of you.

So as always I am no good with resolutions so I don't make them. Instead I like to reflect and make goals. One goal for this year is to keep up with this blog to keep everyone in the loop of our travels and live. So enjoy and Happy New You to you and yours!

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  1. Sounds terrifying, but oh so exciting! I didn't know you were getting married since I hadn't talked to you in FOREVER! I am so happy that you have found that, and look forward to updates soon on that family you are planning on starting!