Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So what do you want to be when you grow up?

So this past week P and I headed up to his parents Weds night to do interviews and for me to get acclaimmated to the SA, NB and San Marcos area. Getting to their house at 10 pm surprisingly they were both sleeping, but woke up as we unloaded the truck with things that can be stored there til...well let's just say once we finally get a house it is going to be like Christmas with all the stuff we have in storage everywhere!
Thursday morning I was off and running. I do have to say the traffic there is nothing compared to what I am use to in Houston. I planned all my appointment with plenty of time inbetween and ended up having time to shop, get my nails done meet P for breakfast and lunch. One thing I hate about headhunters is they are so axnious to get you in but have nothing in any field near what you would do. Or they have all this promising work and you call to follow up and they are not in the office, they will call back (still waiting, glad I did not hold my breathe)
We decided to come back on Saturday to be able to sleep comfty and cause Tiggy would not be a happy camper but may be able to forget by Sunday. We got in town and took a nap and went to Matt's show at Texas Saloon. We did find out what it takes to get kicked outta there!
Sunday we got to relax and get ready for another fun week...

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